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As part of my process, I collaborate with brands of all sizes to create unique knitted pieces out of their offcuts from production. 

I collect the offcuts, hand cut them into strips and turn them into balls of yarn, which I then use to create one off small scale knitted pieces.

I am dedicated and passionate about helping find solutions to reducing waste produced in the fashion industry and believe in supporting each other to help achieve this. A good example of this was working on the Liam collection with New Zealand brand Ruby. I collaborated with creative visionarie and fashion advocate Emily Miller-Sharma to create 6 unique designs. We put together a small team of amazing knitters from all over the North Island and used the offcuts from the Liam ‘Everything’ collection to knit 45 one-off pieces in an effort to reduce these materials going into landfill.

As part of this project, we also produced knitting patterns so people can learn to create sustainable pieces at home using their own scraps of fabric. So they can feel the great sense of empowerment and value that comes with making your own clothes.

Working collaboratively and learning from each other is an important part of my practice.  Please send me an email if you have any production waste you’d like to work with me on finding a knitting solution. X

Selected Projects

Liam x Geo Knits Slow

Frazier X Geo Knits Slow

Havilah x Geo Knits Slow